I wanted a way to edit videos where ever I was and did a search online for online video editing, I came across WeVideo.com so I thought I would have a go. They have a free video editor that you are limited to a resolution of 480p and a monthly export of 15 mins and your video is watermarked in the top right, This is the version I tried you also have the option to export in 720 & 1080 at a small additional cost both these are not watermarked.
Below is a short video I did with still images and a video clip.
 The text is pixelated at the beginning of the clip not sure why.
I have a new website dedicated to the wildlife that visits our garden, it's called "Our Garden Wildlife" so if your interested in what we find in our garden then please take a look. As I say it's new so there is only one post so far.

Im a pro.


I've just gone Weebly pro and should be blogging a bit more often, I also plan to do a separate blog about all the goings on in and around our garden, not sure what I'm going to call it yet. I will post here when I start it.

Sat, 16 Jun 2012


Don't think that last link worked.
Gangsters remix by Disko Operative.

Sat, 16 Jun 2012


Check out this mix of Gangsters by The Specials my cousin did. Via Soundcloud.

Handmade jewellery


If you like Handmade jewellery then you may like to visit stringabeads.co.uk here you will find the popular alpha-bracelet for children that with your help will teach them the alphabet.
I just got hold of the new Weebly iPhone app. So I am testing it with a quick post to my blog. Now let's add a picture.
Oliver playing out in the pouring rain, nothing stops our little fella.

Long time no post


Must get back into the habit of updating my blog, Never seem to get time to do it lately. Will have to try harder.

Mac Virus


For the first time in over 10 years we have come across the infamous MacDefender/MacProtector virus, I've added the images below to show what you get, The first image is what you see first if you click OK then the web site will download the virus to your Downloads folder as in the second image. Now IF you don't have the "Open safe files after downloading" unchecked then the MacProtector zip file will open and install the virus. so make sure you have that part unchecked as in image three.

Take note how the second image looks like the finder window, this looks very convincing at first glance so be careful.

We came across this virus by some random search that took us to the virus page. Luckily we had already unchecked the "Open safe files after downloading" and the simply deleted the zip file no harm done.

iPhone Tracking Me


There is a lot of oh ha about the iPhone tracking you everywhere you go, For me I'm not bothered, For 1 I am not doing anything I shouldn't be & 2 if someone wants to find then they will. Also the tracking data isn't very accurate heres my map to the left as you can see i've been to wales (no I haven't) I've been to Newcastle (no I haven't) I've also been to Wolverhampton (Again no I haven't) in fact there are loads of places I haven't been to that are pinpointed on the map. So am I bothered about this file? No. if you are then throw away your phone, your computer in-fact possibly any electrical device you have because you are been watched.